Surmatelas 180x200 cm

To choose the size of your mattress topper, it is essential to know the size of your mattress: their dimensions must be identical. For example, a 180x200cm mattress topper should be positioned on a 180x200cm mattress.

Our synthetic mattress toppers feature hooks, while our natural mattress toppers stand alone thanks to their weight. Our natural mattress toppers have a thickness of 6cm: remember to check the size of your fitted sheets! They must be able to cover the entire mattress and mattress topper.

The 180x200cm mattress topper brings additional comfort to a firm or mid-firm mattress: it promises a warm welcome. It accompanies ideally a mattress of good maintenance. Its incomparable softness makes it a reference mattress for luxury hotel customers. Used on a mattress in good condition, it will extend the life of your mattress...

For a special size mattress topper, we can realize for you a custom mattress topper overlay in a period of 10 days. However custom made mattress toppers are not returned or exchanged. Be aware that the natural down mattress topper is not washable. It is therefore imperative to protect it as a mattress, with our protective cover adapted. It is machine washable, to ensure the hygiene of your mattress topper. You can keep your usual knit protection to preserve your mattress and mattress topper.

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